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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How can i earn with Rapidgator?

    A.We have an affiliate program, and it has several ways to make money. Pay per downloads, pay per sales of premium accounts, referral programm (you gain from your refferal's profit), and special offer for webmasters: you will gain from 5% to 15% of sales, made from your web-site.

  • Q. What are your tariff plans?

    A. All partners have the opportunity to work on two tariff plans - pay per downloads (scale of charges can be found "here") or on pay per sale of premium accounts.

  • Q. What is a refferal programm?

    A. Refferal programm is a one of a few ways to earn money. You bring an affiliate to Rapidgator and receive a 10% from his/her profit.

  • Q. What is the minimum payout?

    A. Minimum payout is 15$. For BTC minimum payout is 50 USD, for paypal 200 USD. We send payment weekly, every thursday. Payment hold is about 4 days.

  • Q. Do you count only unique downloads?

    A. Yes, we do. We'll count download only if it was finished by unique user (uniqueness is IP related).

  • Q. Can i switch tariff plans?

    A. You can start with any plan. You can switch plans once in 7 days.

  • Q. Is there any limitations for uploaded files?

    A. No. You can upload any type of files, but they don't have to break up the rules or our terms.

  • Q. Why my account was suspended?

    A.Your account can be blocked if you violated our Terms. Contact our support if you think your account was blocked in error.

  • Q. What methods do you use to send payments?

    A. We send payments via WebMoney, BTC, Capitalist, QIWI, PayPal, EPESE or to your Credit card.