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Getting Started

Welcome to the Rapidgator API!

To use Rapidgator API you require the following:

- A Rapidgator account. You can open a Rapidgator account here.
- Access Token. You can create a access token by using either of the Rapidgator API user/login method.

Since Rapidgator serves a huge client base, programming errors in software tools can cause an DDOS attack to the Rapidgator servers. When programming software apps, always keep in mind that your tool might be used by many people at the same time. So make sure you do not kill our API servers, which might cause some big issue. Make sure your program STOPS retrying a failed request after 3 tries. Always make sure you do not make more API calls than necessary.

You can of course also call the API via POST or GET Our API will give answer in JSON

Be careful when giving too many wrong passwords. The password brute-force protection will block your IP when you enter too many wrong passwords.

Success response example:

This api answer has data in response object . Status has code 200. Details field is empty and can be ignored.

Fail response example:

This response does not have any data in response object. "Status" object has error code . "Details" object has information regarding error. The best is if you just output the string to the user. The string is self-explanatory and every user should know what went wrong.