Rapidgator: Fast, safe and secure file hosting

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The Rapidgator platform is designed around security, administration control and data integration. The application delivers this secure infrastructure through a wide range of processes and technologies that help prevent unauthorized access to confidential information and facilitate privacy management.

Hardware Security

Our hardware is fully safe and secure. Please see security measures below:
Security guards on-site
Mobile patrol of business area

CCTV cameras (inside and outside)
Zoned-access control key card system with secure turnstiles
Visitors are escorted at all times within the building
Intrusion detection systems
Access list
VESDA fire detection
Argon and aerosol fire suppression

Physical barriers:

Perimeter electric fencing
Secured loading dock
Ground floor 1+ m. above terrain (as well as all access doors) Outside of flight paths

Entry protection:

Biometric scan
Electronic ID scan (passport)
All alarms monitored 24 x 7 x 365

Software Security

Customer data resides securely on Database servers behind multiple firewalls and is not accessible from the Internet. In order to access data, operators must utilize the application server, whose access is limited by strict security.
Confidential data, such as usernames and passwords, are secured through an encrypted connection (using 256 bit encryption).

Data Security

Rapidgator methodically backs up all databases on a regular basis. We guarantee the accuracy and safety of all data hosted on our servers.
Client data is stored on our servers for the duration of an account. Customers can request to have information removed from Rapidgator servers at any time.

Restricting access

Search results: We never allow search engine robots to scan our pages. Scanning of Rapidgator pages is prohibited in robots.txt file.