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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Which files can I upload and what is the maximum file size?

    A. You can upload any files (EXE, MP3, MPEG, AVI, RAR, ZIP, JPG, etc.), the maximum file size is up to 80GB!

  • Q. How long do you keep my files?

    A. Rapidgator offers a long term storage of files - 30 days since its last download for regular accounts and unlimited for the owners of premium accounts with limited storage space. In case you ordered premium with unlimited storage space - We'll delete files after 60 days from last download. Files that violate copyright laws or containing any illegal content will be removed immediately, as soon as they are discovered. If you find such files on Rapidgator servers, we would appreciate it if you tell us about it.

  • Q. I do not have a registered account on Rapidgator. How long will you keep my files?

    A. Rapidgator is a free file storage service and registration is not mandatory. Therefore, even for unregistered users, the file storage period is 30 days from the date of the last download.

  • Q. Can I delete my uploaded file at any time?

    A. Of course you can! Once you download the file, you will receive a unique link to download the file, you can send to whomever you want, and a unique link to delete a file, you should keep for yourself. To delete a file - just click on the link to delete a file! As registered user, you can delete your personal files with the file manager in your personal account

  • Q. What are the limits for downloading files from Rapidgator?

    A.If you are free user, you can simultaneously download only a single file. This means you can not use any download accelerator: GetRight, FlashGet etc. As Premium-user you can download files with download managers in multiple threads, each with resume download support.

  • Q. Can I see the whole Rapidgator file archive?

    A. In general - no. Our service guarantees total confidentiality of our users files.

  • Q. Why is my upload speed low?

    A. Download and upload speed may be limited by your ISP. To get priority in uploading, get a Premium-account or try to upload a file later. If you already have Premium, you will be able to download files in multiple threads by using download manager.

  • Q. Your system reports that I download files or that I have already downloaded too much. But I have not downloaded anything! What is wrong?

    A. Our system uses your IP-address in order to count the number of downloads. If you receive such message and you really have not downloaded anything, then you probably use a proxy server, which is simultaneously used by other people. You should disable the proxy server. If your provider does not allow it - the only possible solution in this case is to buy Premium-account. Premium-Account is used to recognize users cookies, instead of IP-address.